Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am back...

Dear readers,

I have been away for quite sometimes...from now on...i will be try to update my blog...just to share the bitter sweet of my life...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Could There Be...

Could there be sun behind that thick cloud
Could there be rain after the drought
Could there be rise after the fall
Could there be love
Could there be
Could there

Monday, November 17, 2008


I was down with fever...The picture was taken a week ago. Spent the whole afternoon under a thick blanket....Now I am feeling much better...

The Hottest Car

While driving back from Putrajaya, I was stunned by a scary scene of a car on fire

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Visit to Forest Research Institute Malaysia 2

A Visit to Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Today I felt so bored after two full days of entertaining guests who came to my house. Woke up in the morning and did my normal house chores, cleaning washing etc. etc...After lunch I had an idea of visiting FRIM ( Forest Research Institute , Malaysia). It is a place that I wanted to visit for a long time but i had nobody to go there with ..Today I guess it was my courageous day..I tried to enjoy my solitude by going to FRIM alone. It was not bad at all.. There are so many to be seen and so much to learnt about the Forest. Here I attached some pictures of my short visit to the place

Aren't they the Cutest Things...

Yesterday my sister sent me a picture of my two darlings, my nephew and my niece ( her kids) Mifzal and Madiha. Looking at them sometimes I wish they remain as cute forever. I was so touched by their innocence and tears just filled my eyes without me knowing it. To Grandpa Trevor if you see this...i know you will feel the same way..who won't anyway. Mifzal please grow up to be a good brother to Madiha. Both of you Mifzal and Madiha, please grow up to be good children to you mum and Dad...To Lina and Ed continue to be good parents...I know sometimes their mischieves can be up to yr nerves but they are just blessings to you both...their "creativity" and unpredicatble emotion are just stages of growing up for them just as how we went through at one stage in time...Remember it takes a genius parents to handle two geniuses...Keep up the good work. No matter what, anchor them to the good root. Love you all.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Dining Table

Hehehe! I always find it is hard to clean the carpet in the main area so I decided to buy a dining table so that the food will only be taken to the table instead of in front of the TV in the lounge. Before this I thought it would take up a lot of space...Well I bought it anyway and i find it is just nicely fit. Then it is enough i think...No more furniture...( That is what I said last time)...hehehe.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning! Home Sweet Home!

Yesterday I spent the whole morning getting rid og the old stuffs that I haven't used for years...It is pretty hard to get rid of them..but I did..(only half).Then the mopping and the wiping...Tired but I am happy....My home looked so refreshed. To me home should be the most comfortable sanctuary. Even though my home is not garnished with expensive fancy things, i make sure it is clean and tidy...Home Sweet Home.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thanks to my Australian Family

Today I gave a call to my Australian family. They are now voluntarily hosting 6 of our University students for a study trip program to Australia. My proffesor Dr Gaudart and I worked very hard to make sure they could go to Australia. Yesterday they have reached Sunshine Coast safely. From the sound of their voices, I believe they are having a good time. To Dad, thanks so much for everything you have done for us. To uncle Rex, Collins, Kerry and Nerrida, Libby and all you there..Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Fat me...hehehe

After sports practice, stop by my regular eating place for meal...the picture was taken 4 months ago....since then i managed to cut down a bit of kg...then I was 94kg...now I am 89kg...hehhe...Pretty hard to keep the number after " Hari Raya". I look so fat...but sweetness..maintain...hehehhe

Once Upon a Time...

Dear Readers,

I am so sorry that I have been very busy with my work and studies that I hardly have time to update my blog..Not only that, the internet connection at my place was really bad in the past 2- 3 months. Anyway I am back...thanks to K Long Azmah who has been a loyal visitor to my humble blog. Here i happily attach a picture our farewell dinner in 1995 in Allson Kelana Seremban with some of my friends.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bali 3

I attach some photos I took when I was in Ubud. I was lucky to be able to witness a unique Balinese cremation ceremony. According to the locals, all hindus have to be cremated, however since the ceremony is so grand and costly the family member who died first is kept in a family temple in their house compound until the second or third death. The higher their rank in the society, the taller the pagoda they carry during the procession. It was told that during the royal cremation ceremony the pagoda was so tall that they had to cut down a lot of trees and electric cables to give ways to the procession. It was indeed a big occasion that road has to be closed but for Balinese it is a normal parade that they should respect. To my suprise cremation which normaly is a sad occassion in other places was a very joyful ones in Bali where all family members get together to celebrate the final journey of the deceased to Heaven. To me, the best thing about travelling is you learn to appreciate the diversity of beautiful cultures of the world which ultimately brings us together as one, living in peace and harmony.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bali 2

Majestic Sunset in Tanah Lot Bali
The infamous Kuta Beach

Guess who is the beauty...At Barungan Dance